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Courtroom Technology


What's Available in Brooklyn


What's Available in Central Islip

Requesting Telephone or Video Appearances

Audio/Video Capability - Audio/Video Conferencing (IP and ISDN), Teleconferencing, Document Camera (Elmo), VCR, Witness Table Document Camera, Laptop Connection, DVD playback with DVD compatible Laptops, Projector and LCD displays, full microphone hookups at Lectern, Attorney Tables and Witness Table Assisted Listening System and Court Interpretation System using a Telephonic Translation Service that the Court provides.

All requests for our Courtroom Assisted Listening or Court Interpretation Systems should be made one week prior to the hearing by contacting the appropriate Courtroom Deputy to ensure availability.  Of course, the Court will attempt to accommodate urgent requests.

Our systems in Central Islip provide amplification of the Courtroom audio via a Court supplied headset, one of your compatible headsets, or a Court supplied lanyard if your hearing aid is T-Coil compatible.  A Court supplied receiver will need to be requested from the Courtroom Deputy for this system to function.  .

In Brooklyn, the headsets are normally set to ∞, which provides amplification of the Courtroom audio.  Here are the options from left to right:

(Selects amplified audio of all microphones, including Court Interpreter)

1 (Selects Court Interpreter Only)           2 (Selects all microphones except the Interpreter)

Note: For all other hearing-impaired services, please refer to the Court's policy at:

Services for Hearing Impaired and Others with Disabilities

Audio Only Capability - For The Record (FTR) digital recording system for efficient recording, playback, and transcription services or audio CD duplication.

A number of our courtrooms are equipped with a video system, which allows the connection of laptops.  To utilize this system, please observe the following:

Laptop Specifications

1) Your laptop must support sending your display to an external VGA monitor.  Read your laptop owner's manual to understand how to send the VGA signal out to the 15-pin VGA port on the back of your laptop.  Laptop manufacturers use different key combinations to achieve this.  (Some of the more common keyboard combinations used to toggle an external display are Fn + F8 or Fn + F5.)

2) Set the Display Resolution: • Right-click on an open area of your desktop.
• Left-click on Properties.
• Left-click on the Settings tab.
• Left-click and drag the Desktop Area slider to no more than the recommended resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels.

3) Set the Refresh Rate
• If not visible within Settings, left-click on the Advanced tab (on the same screen as the Settings tab).
• Left-click on the Adaptor or Monitor tab (depending on your display adaptor and Operating System used).
• The screen refresh rate works best connected to our system at 60 Hertz (Hz).  70Hz may be selected or left as the default if no noticeable screen flickering is observed.

4) For optimum use of our system, all other special display settings on your laptop, such as screen savers, backgrounds and custom schemes must be removed or reset to the Windows defaults.

Before turning on your laptop, connect the Court's 15 pin male VGA cable at the podium to the 15 pin female port on the back of your laptop.  For presentations with sound, connect the sound jack to the headphone output port on your laptop's sound card.  For mono jacks, you may need to insert the cable only halfway into the headphone jack for proper sound quality.

Please note that any electronic presentation evidence that you wish to have submitted for the official record must comply with the Court's General Order on Electronic Filing Procedures.