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The Eastern District of New York offers a database of opinions for the years 2005 to the present, listed by year and judge. For a more detailed search, enter the keyword or case number in the search box above.The E-Government Act of 2002 requires that written opinions issued after April 16, 2005 be available in a text-searchable format on each court's web site, or through a link on the court's web site. Please note that the decisions repository is not a complete inventory of all judges' decisions, that the electronic versions are not documents of record, and that the official records are available at the clerk's office.

Robert E. Grossman

 Case # 18-72623  Mc Wolle Development Corp.,

Adv.. No. 8-17-08012-Gardiners Bay Landscape & Design, Inc., vs  Christopher Postiglione,

Alan S. Trust

Case No. 17-77476 CCS.Com.USA, Inc.

 Adv. No.: 15-08237 - Devices Liquidation Trust,  vs  KMT Wireless, LLC dba CynergyHitech

Adv. No.: 16-8026  ANDREW M. THALER, Chapter 7 Trustee of the Bankruptcy Estate of HOLUB ENTERPRISES, INC.,  vs  CAPITAL ONE, N.A. and  DL ROTHBERG & ASSOCIATES, P.C.,

Judge Elizabeth S. Stong

Adv. No. 16-1015 Alliance Shippers, Inc. vs Jerry Choez

Adv. No. 15-1073 Robert L. Geltzer, Chapter 7 Trustee of the Estate of Estella Brizinova and Edward Soshkin vs Estella Brizinova and Edward Soshkin

Adv. No. 17-1085 Hilal Khalil Homaidan vs SLM Corporation, Sallie Mae, Inc., Navient Solutions, LLC, and Navient Credit Finance Corporation

Adv. No. 17-1005 Tashanna B. Golden vs JP Morgan Chase Bank, National Collegiate Trust, Firstmark Services, Golden Tree Asset Management LP, GS2 2016-A (GS2), National Collegiate Student Loan Trust 2005-3, National Collegiate Student Loan

Adv. No. 17-01157 Robert L. Geltzer, Chapter 7 Trustee of The Estate of Estella Brizinova and Edward Soshkin vs Zlata Soshkin, aka Zlata Polukhina

Nancy Hershey Lord

Case No. 14-40786 Etienne Estates at Washington LLC

Adv. No. 15-1070 GSY Corp., vs Jack Hazan

Adv. No. 15-1071 Tomer Dafna vs Jack Hazan

Adv. No. 15-1035 Isaac Mutzen as a member of 16th Street Regency LLC, 16th Street Regency LLC, Isaac Mutzen as a member of 198-210 6th St. LLC, and 198-210 6th St. LLC, vs Marans Weisz & Newman LLC f/k/a Marans & Weiss LLC, and Howard Hershkovich,

Adv. No. 16-1116 Patricia Larsen vs Lemar Larsen

Case No. 16-45645  Boysin Ralph Lorick and Cynthia Theresa Lorick

Chief Judge Carla E. Craig

Adv. No. 17-1072 Matthew C. Harrison, Jr. vs Michael Maveshev

Adv. No. 18-1033 Jennifer Tomasino, Kevin Montano, Richard Meyer, and Apryl L. Meyer vs Incorporated Village of Islandia, et al

Adv. No. 12-1343 Robert L. Geltzer, as Trustee of the Estate of Man Kit Ng vs Man Kit Ng

Adv. No. 18-1016 Bethpage Federal Credit Union vs. Evgeny Freidman a/k/a Evgeny A. Freidman, et al.


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