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Mandatory Registration for Hearings.  Judge Nancy Hershey-Lord conducts hearings telephonically and by videoconference. All participants must register with eCourt Appearances in advance of all telephonic and videoconference appearances.  eCourt Appearances registration is required by both attorneys and non-attorney participants.    Attorneys with a CM/ECF account may find the program under the “Utilities” menu after logging on to CM/ECF.

Those without CM/ECF accounts may access the program on the website at To register for eCourt Appearances and for more information on eCourt Appearances, including a tutorial, click here.

Once registered, eCourt Appearances will email the telephone number and/or video link for your hearing.  You may register for hearings weeks in advance, but the telephone number and/or video link will not be emailed to you until 48 hours before the hearing date.  Those registering with eCourt Appearances for hearings in less than 48 hours should allow up to 15 minutes after registration to receive the email with the telephone number and/or video link.

Those unable to access eCourt Appearances must email Judge Nancy Hershey-Lord’s Courtroom Deputy at: at least two (2) business days prior to the hearing.  Your email must include your name, the case number(s), who you represent (if you are an attorney), hearing date, and phone number.

Chapter 11 Matters and Related Adversary Proceedings - Beginning June 7, 2022, hearings on all Chapter 11 cases and their related adversary proceedings will be conducted using the Zoom platform.  Parties have the option to either dial in as an audio only participant using the provided Zoom dial-in number or connect by video using the provided video link.

Chapters 7/13 and Related Adversary Proceedings - Hearings on Chapters 7 and 13 cases and their related adversary proceedings will continue to be conducted telephonically using the current AT&T telephone number (888-363-4734) and access code (4702754).


Hearings on Chapter 11 cases and their related adversary proceedings must be noticed as a videoconference to be conducted via Zoom.  The notice must also indicate that the video link will be provided by email to all parties that wish to participate 48 hours prior to the hearing upon the party’s registration with eCourt Appearances.

Hearings on Chapters 7 and 13 cases and their related adversary proceedings must be noticed as a telephonic hearing.  The notice should not include a physical courthouse location. Instead, the notice should include the following: 1) the dial-in number and access code as indicated below in the telephonic dial-in instructions and 2) the directive for the mandatory registration for eCourt Appearances as indicated above.

Telephonic Dial-In Instructions:

  1. Dial in Number 888-363-4734
  2. Access Code – 4702754
  3. Announce who you are each time before speaking
  4. Avoid the use of a speaker phone (use a landline if possible)
  5. All persons not speaking should mute their phones
  6. Speak up and enunciate so that you can be heard and understood


Requests for adjournments on consent are encouraged. Requests by attorneys, represented parties, and pro se parties may be made by contacting the Courtroom Deputy by email at at least (2) business days in advance of the scheduled hearing. The Courtroom Deputy will respond by email, providing available dates and times and any other instructions.

Procedures for obtaining hearing dates, and requesting emergency hearings, adjournments, telephonic or video appearances, conferences, and concerning chambers copies, submission of orders, notices of presentment, and other matters may be found by clicking the Judges' Procedures tab.

Mailing address:

Hon. Nancy Hershey Lord
U.S. Bankruptcy Court, EDNY
Conrad B. Duberstein Courthouse
271-C Cadman Plaza East - Suite 1595
Brooklyn, NY 11201-1800

*** Please review Judges' Procedures before contacting chambers.