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Registering Remote Hearing Appearance Using eCourt Appearances

Effective as of March 7, 2022, all Judges have been utilizing eCourt Appearances for regular calendar. eCourt Appearances is a program allowing hearing participants to register their appearance(s) for hearings (i.e. hearings held in person, video-, or teleconference). Once registered, parties will receive an email with instructions on how to access the hearing 48 hours prior to the hearing's start time. All parties are to use eCourt Appearances to register their hearing appearances. Attorneys with a CM/ECF account may find the program below or in the “Utilities” menu after logging on to CM/ECF, while pro se parties may find the program below.

Any member of the general public and media may attend any hearing, whether the hearing(s) being conducted are held in person, by teleconference, or videoconference. Neither the general public nor the media are authorized to register to attend a hearing using the eCourt Appearances platform, which is reserved for use by case participants (i.e. parties-in-interest as defined under Section 1109 of the Bankruptcy Code).

For more information on eCourt Appearances and attendance by the general public and media in any specific case, please refer to each Judge’s homepage on the Court’s website, and please see below for tutorials on how to use this program.

How to Use eCourt Appearances as a Pro Se Party

How to Use eCourt Appearances as an Attorney

eCourt Appearances Homepage