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Telephonic Translation Services

Telephonic translation services may be available for certain hearings. Please contact the Judge's Courtroom Deputy at least 48 hours prior to a hearing if you need this type of service.

The Eastern District Civil Litigation Fund, Inc. (the “EDCLF”) has contracted with
Language Line Services (“LLS”) to provide over-the-phone interpretation services for pro se
litigants in civil cases pending in the district and bankruptcy courts of the Eastern District of
New York. Language Line Services is a recognized leader of the Telephonic Interpretation
industry providing interpreter services in many languages.

Pursuant to our contract with LLS, the LLS database will route court calls to predesignated
externally certified interpreters first, and if none are available at the time of the call,
then with interpreters who have gone through the LLS Court Interpreting Training Program.
The service requires the use of an ordinary telephone with a speakerphone. Headsets are
preferred and are available in all of the courtrooms. Using headsets also facilitates private conversation between the interpreter, the litigant, and/or counsel. Court proceedings are
interpreted in the “consecutive mode” rather than simultaneously. This method of interpretation
is slow but gets the job done. It provides interpretation easily and inexpensively in short
proceedings. The service operates 24 hours a day, every day.