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Brooklyn Wireless Device Policy

Effective November 26, 2007, wireless communication devices possessed by members of the Court Family, Agency Tenants of the Brooklyn Bankruptcy Courthouse, USAO, GSA, FPS, members of the Bar, Law Enforcement Officers, and Vendors will be allowed into the Brooklyn Bankruptcy Courthouse under certain conditions.

Wireless communication devices (cellular phones, pagers, two-way radios, PDA’s, cameras and other electronic devices) possessed by the general public (that is, persons not falling within any of the categories listed above) will not be allowed into the Brooklyn Bankruptcy Courthouse, and must be checked in at the courthouse entrance security desk. While stored, all wireless communication devices must be turned off.

Attempts to use the camera or recording features of a wireless communication device are prohibited within the Brooklyn Bankruptcy Courthouse.

Cell phones are not authorized for use inside the courtrooms and should be turned off.

Any violation of this policy may result in the revocation of the privilege.

Any Judge of the Court may suspend or revoke the privilege of retaining wireless devices for any person for any reason.

Dated: November 26, 2007
              Brooklyn, New York