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Procedures and Guidelines for Remote Appearances using Cisco WebEx Meetings

Important: Any recording of a court proceeding held by video or teleconference, including screen shots, or other visual copying of a hearing, is absolutely prohibited. Violation of these prohibitions may result in sanctions deemed necessary by the Court.

The Court will not provide technical support for Cisco WebEx Meetings for attendees. Please go to Cisco’s website using one of the links below for how-to instructions joining Cisco WebEx Meetings or contact your local IT support team. 

How to join a WebEx meeting

How to join a WebEx meeting (video)

Cisco WebEx Account and Software

  • A paid Cisco WebEx account is not necessary for any remote hearing interaction with the Court.  Participants and attendees are not required to have a Cisco WebEx profile or pay for a premium Cisco WebEx account.
  • If you do elect to open an account with Cisco WebEx, save your full and proper name, phone and email.
  • When you join the meeting Cisco WebEx will automatically download the latest version of the app. 
  • You may use either link below to get to your meeting.

Equipment Needed for WebEx session

  • A computer, tablet, or smartphone can be used to connect to the meeting. 
    • Computer:  please ensure you have a camera and microphone, and a separate phone for audio, if necessary.
    • Tablet or smartphone:  You must download the Cisco WebEx Meetings app in order to join.


  • If you experience any feedback or echo when joining a meeting please use a phone for audio, and not your computer. 


The Court is presently using the audio and video functionality of Cisco WebEx. Other functions like text chat, screen sharing, etc., may not be used, and will likely be disabled for your session, so you only need to learn the basics of using Cisco WebEx for audio and video.

Learn how to select the correct source, how to mute/unmute your audio, and start/stop your video by clicking on the links below. 

How to join a WebEx meeting (video)

Manage Audio and Video

Creating a virtual background

Court Test Sessions

The Court will be hosting three free online, one hour, instructor-led training sessions on the basic usage of Cisco WebEx for courtroom video conferencing.    Please click here for more details.

Recommendations/Best Practice while Appearing Remotely

  1. Avoid using battery power only (laptops, tablets, etc.). Plug into a good power source while in a Cisco WebEx meeting.
  2. Unless you’ve confirmed the quality is acceptable, avoid using an open microphone and speakers (such as are built-into laptops, or a webcam mic). Using a good quality headset (headphones with mic) will often help ensure you can hear and be heard with maximum quality.
  3. Avoid noisy and echoing locations. Use of a headset will improve audio quality when this is unavoidable.
  4. Avoid placing anything near your microphone.  They are sensitive and pick up the slightest movements.
  5. Always keep yourself muted.  If you’re expected to be heard by the Judge be prepared to take yourself off mute quickly.   
  6. Avoid distracting real or virtual backgrounds.
  7. Check the lighting. Light from a window behind you might blind the camera, making you look dark. Light above you in the center of a room might also cast shadows. Ideally, position a lamp or sit facing a window, where light is directly on your face
  8. Avoid bad camera positioning (if possible) and remember to look directly at the webcam, not at the screen.
  9. Avoid using Wi-Fi if possible. Connection via a hard-wire Ethernet cable will always be faster and more reliable than Wi-Fi.

Before Every Court Session Using Cisco WebEx

You are prompted that Cisco will be accessing your camera and microphone.  Click Continue to advanced test.