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Mailing Matrix Specifications

After the petition has been successfully uploaded to the Electronic Case Filing (ECF) system, the filer receives a Notice of Electronic Filing with the case number. The next step is to upload to the Electronic Case Filing system, the Creditor Matrix (Matrix) or List of Creditors, using the Creditor Maintenance event.

Creditor Matrix is the list of the names and complete addresses of the debtor's creditors prepared as a text file with a [.txt] extension. The Clerk's Office uses the matrix to send out notices. For this reason, the matrix must the have the correct information and must be prepared in accordance with the Court's specifications listed below :


The Matrix may be prepared using a WordPerfect ASCHI IDOS file type or Microsoft Windows Notepad text editor. A sample matrix is provided at the end of the instructions for preparing a creditor matrix.


Margins at the top and bottom of the page must be approximately one inch.


Creditors must be listed alphabetically in a single column aligned to the left margin.


Each creditor profile should consist of no more than five single-spaced lines. Each of the five lines must not exceed 40 characters. Do not skip lines within a creditor's profile. Each creditor profile must be separated by a double space.


List only the names and addresses of creditors.


Only the first letters of a name should be capitalized unless the official name of a company is all capital letters.


The name of the creditor is the first line. When used, "Attention" (Attn) or "in care of" (c/o) is on the second line. The last line must be the city, state and ZIP code.


If the ZIP code contains nine digits, the entire ZIP code must appear on the same line with a hyphen between the fifth and sixth numbers.


If a case has 1000 or more creditors, bring this to the attention of the Clerk's Office.


Do not include the names of the debtor, debtor's attorney, U.S. Trustee, Panel Trustee or Judge.


Do not include case numbers, headers, footers, page numbers, account numbers or special characters such as !@#$%^&*()={}[]\~?'.,`.


Example of properly prepared matrix

Instructions for preparation and submission of computer disk