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Docket Review / Document Review, ECF Cases

Prior to 1990, docket entries were recorded by typing on paper cards; since 1990, entries have been recorded via computer. Since April 1, 2002 for Chapter 11 cases and related adversary proceedings, and January 1, 2003 for all other cases and proceedings, documents have been filed electronically, and links for viewing those documents will be found on the dockets.

For a small number of cases filed prior to 1990 and still pending after the computer system was installed, early entries were recorded on paper, while later ones (i.e., relative to case activity from 1994 and forward) were recorded (and continue to be recorded, for still-pending cases) through the computer. Paper dockets have been scanned in these cases, and early entries are accessible electronically.

Common to all dockets is that the entries relative to documents are numbered, and the corresponding documents are numbered accordingly.

Dockets of Older Closed Cases - Dockets of cases closed prior to 1986 are stored on microfiche, and may be reviewed at the intake counter in the Central Islip Office. Printouts are available at $0.50 per page. In the Brooklyn Office, until arrangements can be made to install a microfiche reader at the counter, review of these dockets is available only by requesting printouts. The printouts are produced within 1 - 2 business days from the date of the request, and cost $0.50 per page.

For older cases whose dockets have been archived, please ask for assistance at the intake counter.

Computerized Dockets - For your convenience in obtaining case information, PACER terminals have been set up in the public area at each Clerk's Office site. Docket information is current as of time of entry in the Court’s main docketing system; you may review the docket on the terminal screen free of charge, and printouts may be obtained at a cost of $0.10 per page. PACER docket reports include all entries made since the time of filing.

Document Review, ECF Cases - Documents filed in ECF cases may be reviewed at the PACER terminals in the Clerk’s Office.



To review documents OTHER THAN proofs of claim: Once you have brought up the docket report for a case, you may bring up a document by clicking on the corresponding document number, found in the ‘#’ column of the report. Printouts of documents may be obtained at a cost of $0.10 per page.


To review proofs of claim: a) Choose Claims Register from the Reports menu; b) enter the case number; c) to ensure that all docketed claims appear on the report, change the first date of the date range that appears onscreen to 4/1/2002; d) change the default sort options if you prefer; and e) click on the Run Report button. Bring up a particular claim by clicking on its number. Printouts may be obtained at a cost of $0.10 per page. (Ask for assistance at the counter if the number of pages of a claim plus attachments exceeds ten.)