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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am changing law firms. Do I need to establish a new login and password?

    You do not need to register for an ECF password more than once. However, you must request a new password if you change firms and you must update your address and e-mail information in the Utilities option of the ECF system.

  • I have attended the training class, may I take it again?

    Attorneys and other professionals may take the class more than once. If you currently have a login and password and you hire a new employee(s) who will be working on the ECF system, the court requests that they attend the ECF training before using the system.

  • Do I have to attend an ECF training class to receive a password?

    New account holders and their support staff are strongly encouraged toattend an in-person training class. However, passwords will be issued to attorneys to log in to CM/ECF without the requirement of attending ECF training. Passwords are only given to those attorneys who may practice in the District Court pursuant to District Rule 1.3 (See LBR-2090-1)

  • What documents can you file with a CM/ECF limited access password?

    A creditor with a limited access password may file any of following documents:

    • Affidavit/Certificate of Service Re: Rule 3002 only
    • Notice of Appearance and Request for Notice (for Notice to Request Notice)
    • Notice of Mortgage Payment Change (Official Form 410S1)
    • Notice of Post-petition Mortgage Fees, Expenses and Changes (Official Form 410S2)
    • Objection to Transfer of Claim
    • Proof of Claim and Amended Proof of Clai
    • Reaffirmation Agreement
    • Response to Notice of Final Cure Payment Rule 3002.1
    • Transfer of Claim (Fee Due)
    • Transfer of Claim – Agent (to docket Claim Agent Certificate of Service)
    • Withdrawal of Claim
    • Withdrawal of Transfer of Claim
  • How do filers (creditors and attorneys) get a login and password to electronically file documents?

    Effective April 9, 2018, Registration for an ECF login and password must be done online.  Attorneys and creditors should click on this link:

    See User Guide for instructions.