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Administrative Procedure for Noticing of Electronically Filed Cases

1. General Rule

Except as otherwise provided in paragraph 2, below, all documents required to be served shall be served in paper (i.e.,"hard copy") form in the manner mandated by the applicable law and rules.

2. Consent to Electronic Service

Whenever service is required to be made on a person who has requested, or is deemed to have requested, electronic notice in accordance with FRBP 9036 or paragraph 7 of the court's Revised General Order on Electronic Filing Procedures, service may be made by serving the "Notice of Electronic Filing" generated by the System by hand, facsimile or email in the first instance, or by overnight mail if service by hand, facsimile or e-mail is impracticable.

3. Notwithstanding the foregoing, hard copies of documents or notices shall be served in the following circumstances :


A summons and complaint under FRBP 7004; a subpoena under FRBP 9016; and, a motion initiating a contested matter under FRBP 9014.


Service shall be made upon an agency of the United States, including the United States Attorney, or chambers, in accordance with the FRBP, E.D.N.Y. Local Bankruptcy rules, an order of the court, or the Judges' Procedures.


Notice served pursuant to FRBP 2002(a)(1).


Upon the commencement of a case, service by counsel for the debtor, or by the debtor pro se, of the petition, schedules and statement of affairs on all applicable governmental agencies and the trustee assigned to the case, where applicable.

4. Notice of Electronic Filing Procedure, Adversary Proceedings

Upon issuance by the Office of the Clerk of the Summons and Notice of Pretrial Conference, where applicable, the attorney for the plaintiff or the pro se party shall serve same along with a Notice of Electronic Filing upon all parties to the proceeding.