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The Eastern District of New York offers a database of opinions for the years 2005 to the present, listed by year and judge. For a more detailed search, enter the keyword or case number in the search box above.The E-Government Act of 2002 requires that written opinions issued after April 16, 2005 be available in a text-searchable format on each court's web site, or through a link on the court's web site. Please note that the decisions repository is not a complete inventory of all judges' decisions, that the electronic versions are not documents of record, and that the official records are available at the clerk's office.

Robert E. Grossman

Adv.. No. 8-17-08012-Gardiners Bay Landscape & Design, Inc., vs  Christopher Postiglione,


Judge Elizabeth S. Stong

Adv. No. 16-1015 Alliance Shippers, Inc. vs Jerry Choez

Adv. No. 15-1073 Robert L. Geltzer, Chapter 7 Trustee of the Estate of Estella Brizinova and Edward Soshkin vs Estella Brizinova and Edward Soshkin

Adv. No. 17-1005 Tashanna B. Golden vs JP Morgan Chase Bank, National Collegiate Trust, Firstmark Services, Golden Tree Asset Management LP, GS2 2016-A (GS2), National Collegiate Student Loan Trust 2005-3, National Collegiate Student Loan

Adv. No. 17-1085 Hilal Khalil Homaidan vs SLM Corporation, Sallie Mae, Inc., Navient Solutions, LLC, and Navient Credit Finance Corporation

Adv. No. 17-01157 Robert L. Geltzer, Chapter 7 Trustee of The Estate of Estella Brizinova and Edward Soshkin vs Zlata Soshkin, aka Zlata Polukhina

Nancy Hershey Lord

Case No. 14-40786 Etienne Estates at Washington LLC

Adv. No. 15-1070 GSY Corp., vs Jack Hazan

Adv. No. 15-1071 Tomer Dafna vs Jack Hazan

Adv. No. 15-1035 Isaac Mutzen as a member of 16th Street Regency LLC, 16th Street Regency LLC, Isaac Mutzen as a member of 198-210 6th St. LLC, and 198-210 6th St. LLC, vs Marans Weisz & Newman LLC f/k/a Marans & Weiss LLC, and Howard Hershkovich,

Adv. No. 16-1116 Patricia Larsen vs Lemar Larsen

Case No. 16-45645  Boysin Ralph Lorick and Cynthia Theresa Lorick

Chief Judge Carla E. Craig

Adv. No. 17-1072 Matthew C. Harrison, Jr. vs Michael Maveshev

Adv. No. 18-1033 Jennifer Tomasino, Kevin Montano, Richard Meyer, and Apryl L. Meyer vs Incorporated Village of Islandia, et al

Adv. No. 12-1343 Robert L. Geltzer, as Trustee of the Estate of Man Kit Ng vs Man Kit Ng

Adv. No. 18-1016 Bethpage Federal Credit Union vs. Evgeny Freidman a/k/a Evgeny A. Freidman, et al.

Adv. No. 15-1185 Citibank, N.A. vs Bombshell Taxi LLC, et al.

Alan S. Trust

Case No. 17-77476 CCS.Com.USA, Inc.

 Adv. No.: 15-08237 - Devices Liquidation Trust,  vs  KMT Wireless, LLC dba CynergyHitech

Adv. No.: 16-8026  ANDREW M. THALER, Chapter 7 Trustee of the Bankruptcy Estate of HOLUB ENTERPRISES, INC.,  vs  CAPITAL ONE, N.A. and  DL ROTHBERG & ASSOCIATES, P.C.,


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