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Self Calendaring / Chambers Presets

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

On Monday, August 8, 2011, there will be a change to the procedures for obtaining hearing dates along with an upgrade to CM/ECF and the Court's calendaring program. The change will allow attorneys to select hearing dates on certain matters without having to contact chambers. These predefined (preset) dates and the types of matters are available by a report in ECF (Reports --> CHAP Preset Report), and on our external website (under Quicklinks -> Chambers Presets). The available Chambers Preset report shows the number of hearing slots available for the date and time that were entered into the calendaring program. This report is dynamic, as slots are being used by ECF filers, the number available will decrease, until all the slots are exhausted, at which time the entry will no longer display. When new preset entries are created in the calendaring program, they will automatically display on this report. All other matters which do not fit into the preset criteria will still require filers to contact chambers prior to the submission of their motion. An on-line tutorial will be posted shortly to our website that demonstrates the process for using this new feature.