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Request for Proposal - Audio Video Project in Brooklyn Courthouse

Thursday, May 21, 2015

The United States Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of New York is soliciting proposals to install audio equipment in Courtrooms 3529, 3554, 3577, and 3585 at our Brooklyn, NY Courthouse.  The technical representative on this project is Tom Earlie 631-712-6212 and the contracting officer is James Guzman 347-394-1721.
The court is seeking to replace the current Lectrosonics AM 16/12 DSP’s and Gentner GT1524 telephone hybrids with ClearOne 880 devices in Courtrooms 3529, 3554, 3577, and 3585.  The following Court supplied equipment will be used for this installation:
With Built-in Teleconferencing Hybrid (1 per Courtroom, Total of 4)
The 4 880T’s are presently installed and configured only for audio teleconferencing. The 4 880’s are new in the original boxes.
The contractor will be required to install the ClearOne Converge Pro 880s, and re-wire and dress all the cables from the AM1612 to the new mixers.  All cables will require identification if they are not labeled.  Further, these cable identifications will need to be reflected in updated drawings. DSP audio configuration and Crestron Programming changes are required to integrate these new DSP’s and to maintain the current functionality. Court will provide current un-compiled/unprotected source for the current version of the control system.  Final un-compiled/unprotected source code (all files for audio DSP site file, control processor program, and touch panel projects), must be provided on USB flash drive or CD/DVD.
Note: In Courtroom 3577, the Court furnished Crestron system must be integrated for audio teleconferencing and programmed to function as the other 3 Courtrooms. The existing AMX system will not be changed, and will remain for the video system functionality. The other 3 Courtrooms are audio only, and have no other control systems besides the Crestron currently installed.
Current functionality will be reviewed with the bidders.  Current system inputs and outputs into the system must be maintained. Inputs include all microphone channels, 4 Recording FTR channels, program audio input channel, as well as audio conferencing receive channel.  Outputs from the system include, separately controlled audio outputs to the room, assistive listening feed, as well as an audio conferencing send channel.  The system also includes a Side Bar Mode: once selected, pink noise is distributed into the room so a side bar can be held in privacy. 
All audio levels must be set for optimal performance: 65 dB-SPL listen levels in the room for all audio sources, 0 dBu audio sends for all audio outputs (confirmed at FTR recorder), Audio Conference must have no echo and have good duplex performance. Assistive Listening levels must be confirmed with the Sennheiser headsets.
A criteria-based training on the use of the new system, as well as a Preventive Maintenance visit approximately six months after the installation is required to ensure the system is performing and functioning as proposed.  The upgrades must be tested and commissioned according to the AV9000 Quality Management Standard.
All work must be performed directly by the company selected and their own certified specialists (CTS-D/CTS-I/CTS). All current staff with credentials/certifications must be provided within the proposal. Contracting out to third party vendors/technicians is not permitted.
Full, laminated, updated, as built drawings must be included in hardcopy form and on a USB flash drive or CD/DVD.
All work is guaranteed for one year from acceptance.  All extended Manufacturers’ warrantees will apply if they exceed one year. 
All parties are invited to submit a proposal including a detailed list, including the price of each unit along with labor costs, of any equipment, cabling, and parts needed. The proposal must also include company history with three business references.  Also include education certifications for technicians who will install and configure the equipment. 
Anyone wishing to view the courtrooms may do so by June 11th, 2015.  If required, please schedule an appointment with Tom Earlie at 631-712-6212.  Proposals are due by June 12th, 2015 and the contract should be awarded on or before June 22nd, 2015. Kick-off meeting, along with setting an installation scheduled based on Courtroom availability, will take place by June 30th, 2015. Project must be completed by August 1st, 2015, between the hours of 8:00AM and 4:00PM, Monday through Friday, excluding federal holidays.  Flexibility working around our Judges’ Court schedule is required. Proposals may be sent by e-mail to or by fax, attention James Guzman, at 347-394-1752.
Place of Performance:
This project will take place at The Conrad B. Duberstein Courthouse, 271-C Cadman Plaza East, Brooklyn, NY 11201. The installation will be performed in Courtrooms 3529, 3554, 3577,  and 3585.  Access to loading dock and freight elevator must be pre-scheduled.
Dated: May 21, 2015